Family Medicine

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are general practitioners licensed as primary care providers. They are trained as specialists in natural medicine, and provide routine physical exams and preventive care, as well as treatment for specific medical conditions. NDs are trained to refer to specialists as necessary Köpa viagra på nätet.

Because it is our goal to be the primary provider for all members of your family, we are able to schedule visits for two or more family members at the same time.

Nutrition and Dietary Counseling

How does what you eat make you feel? Become aware of the role that your food choices play in both your mental and physical well-being. Because we believe in approaching all health issues by looking at the whole person, weight loss issues are treated with a variety of approaches. Mental and emotional relationships to food, which are so important for most people, are examined. The diet that we design for you will provide a whole-foods approach, and we will also identify food allergies and intolerances. Counseling about how various dietary programs may benefit you (including the blood type diet, macrobiotics, vegetarianism, and veganism) is available.

The Naturopathic approach to diet is that it is the very foundation upon which good health is built. At Sound Natural Medicine, we’ll help you to make excellent food and lifestyle choices that support and your physical and mental health.


At Sound Natural Medicine, we provide care for newborns and children of all ages. Our services include well-child visits, as well as treatment for acute conditions such as ear infections and diaper rash. We are also experts in all aspects of immunization, and as such are able to help you make informed choices about whether or not to immunize, and which immunizations are most critical. We seek to provide gentle-yet-effective treatment for every child. As a parent, you are an important part of your child’s healthcare team. Your thoughts and opinions will always be important contributions to the care that your child receives.

At Sound Natural Medicine, we are always available for you to contact in the event of an emergency.

Fertility Enhancement

The preconception period plays a vital role in the ability to conceive. At Sound Natural Medicine, we have developed a 4 month detoxification and fertility enhancement program to provide the ideal environment for conception to take place. Using the best research on diet, exercise, acupuncture, homeopathy, and yoga, we help you to create a hormonally and emotionally balanced atmosphere that will increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Should it be determined that advanced fertility treatments are necessary, we work in concert with any program that you are following in order to maintain the healthiest possible environment in which to conceive. Support is available throughout fertility treatment and pregnancy.


At Sound Natural Medicine, we specialize in women’s health. We concentrate on issues unique to women, such as menstrual disorders, vaginal infections, fibrocystic breasts, endometriosis, and menopause. We also provide fertility enhancement services, as well as a wide range of hormonal and non-hormonal options for birth control.

Annual well-woman exams are the foundation of both wellness and disease identification and management. During your well-woman exam, we will focus on the following: health history, a pelvic exam, a physical exam including a breast exam, and assessment for other health concerns. Your mental health and well-being are critical to your physical health, and it is our goal to provide excellent care and service in this area as well.

Healthy living will not only increase the length of your life, but also your quality of life. Annual well-woman exams are designed to support and educate about the healthiest possible lifestyle choices, medical treatments, counseling, and community support services that are available.

Post Partum Care

The post partum period is a time of great chance, both physically and emotionally. Mothers often neglect their own health and well-being while meeting the needs of their children, particularly in the post partum months. At Sound Natural Medicine, our doctors are trained to recognize and treat all post partum health issues, such as common breast feeding problems, emotional ups and downs, sleep problems, and dietary concerns. As always, our treatments are a blend of the best natural and conventional medicine available. Babies are always welcome at your appointments.