Breast Health Tip: Bras

Could wearing a bra cause health problems?
February 12, 2015 / Breast Health Tips

During an annual exam we always check the breast tissue. During our time in practice we have examined  many women who have developed a ring of hardened scar tissue blow their breasts  from wearing underwire bras for a long period of time. Underwire bras compress the tissue below the breast and can interrupt natural flow of lymphatic fluids which aid in removing waste. Ill fitting bras can cause enlargement of lymph nodes and sore swollen breast tissue.
  • To help maintain breast health minimize the number of hours you wear your bra
  • Get fitted by a professional bra fitter and ask for non-underwire bras to try on
  • Do not wear the bra too tightly around the back or on the straps, the bras should feel comfortable and non-restricting.